About Us
At SplineTech, we work with our customers to help them proficiently deliver products to their end-users and ultimately, to maximize their core business. Our outsourced software product development services allow our customers to minimize Time-To-Market, perk up the quality of their products, trim down risk of failure during the engineering development process, improve predictability and reliability of the engineering process while helping them minimize their over-all product engineering costs.
We have invested in structuring a solid team of software engineers, veterans in product development culture. Our team of industry specialists has an understanding of the industries in which our customers operate and the competencies that they necessitate. We have competency teams in telecom and wireless, life sciences, analytics and data infrastructure, product engineering, System Level, Microsoft and Java platforms.
Software development, web application development programming and coding services, high search engine ranking, Network security solutions, technical support and maintenance are among our core specialties.
We have long-standing relationships with our customers, built on our successful execution of prior engagements.
What sets us apart?
We believe that people, process, and technology are the main contributing factors in the delivery of high quality solutions. These three elements are the pillars that support our software development, and represent our competitive advantage.
Our commitment to superior solutions is reflected in a team of professionals possessing both wide-ranging knowledge and extensive experience. Certified and experienced in a variety of architecture, modeling, and programming applications, our teams are well-versed in a number of industry-standard technologies, platforms and frameworks.
We recognize that no two projects are alike. Rather than trying to force your needs to conform to fixed parameters, we tailor what we do and how we do it to your particular situation.
Every development effort we undertake adheres to a rigorous set of well-defined project management principles. Every project we manage or consult on has several timely, well-defined, review points to keep you abreast of developments every step of the way. This approach underpins our focus on doing things right the first time -- every time.
We use the best and latest technology available to help us deliver optimum quality solutions. Should commercially available tools not be sufficient to address your needs, we'll build our own to ensure your requirements are fully met.
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