Healthcare Domain Products
SplineTech Blood Bank System
The SplineTech Blood Bank System provides a simple solution to Complex Blood Bank Functions. It has been designed as per FDA standards. It makes easy and simpler the following area
  • User can have details from Donor Registrations either from Camps or Voluntary Blood Donations
  • Blood Screening
  • Blood Component Preparation
  • Blood Cross matching
  • Blood issues
  • Blood Receipts Blood Stock Updates
  • Donor Emergency contacts
  • Blood Bags Maintenance, Management and Tracking Blood Issue
  • Easy retrieval of the Information once stored
  • High level of Scalability ensures quick upgrades.
  • Generation of statutory and MIS reports
  • Generation of Bleeding register, Donor Info ,Master Register , Grouping Register , Serology Register , Discard Register
  • Daily displays report list of donor’s lists who have completed three months for donation
  • Auto SMS
  • Auto Email
  • Bi-directional interface with machine
Clinical Trial (Protocol Designing)
All of the fastest companies cite protocol designing as a major determinant of their development speed. Study design is one of the most problematic areas in drug development. Companies are finding their protocol processes are resulting in too many protocol alteration during a study. SplineTrial software is the solution for such problems.
SplineTrial software has following features
  • Eliminates operational errors inconsistencies, ambiguities & unnecessary procedures
  • Provides industry cost & procedure Benchmarks
  • Make technology transparent to user (MS Word, MS Excel)
  • Enables ”Re-use” of protocol information for related purposes
  • Execute Clinical studies more efficiently & effectively
Clinic Management Software
SplineTech - Clinic Management Software 1.0 is considered as a complete automated solution to clinics coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the Management and Operations of Clinic.
Major Features:
  • Enables its end users to managing and maintaining the complete Patient Information coupled with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR). These Medical Records keep track of all diagnosis, treatment etc done to a patient. Smart and Genuine Reports present accurate information
  • Automatic Appointment Reminder
  • Complete patient history
  • Backup facility for Database and EMR
  • Print/Fax/Email facility for all reports
  • Leads towards paper-less workflow
  • Complete interfacing of all clinic functions allowing for better coordinated patient care
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Appointment view
  • Quick and simple References for drugs and disease
 Network Tools
  • Personal firewall that allows you to protect pc against hacker attack, Trojan, spy ware and internet threats.
  • Firewall for small sized businesses equipped with clientless SSL VPN, optional with dual anti virus scanning option using built-in third party plug-ins, integrated customizable ISS web content filter, bandwidth limiter and user-specific internet access management
  • Encryption suite is powerful encryption program for the windows operating system used to store your private documents into single encrypted archive. Create a stealth archive to disguise your data as an image, audio or any other type of file.
  • Ip tracing tool
  • Spoofed IP detector Tool
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